Sermon Series

May 2019 Sermon Series

May 5 – “A Conversation with A Burning Bush”  Exodus 3: 1-15

  • God shows up often in unexpected ways.  God is still calling us to do God-sized – Kingdom changing things.  Like Moses we often feel reluctant to do anything, but with God all things are possible.

May 12 – “Momma’s Got Her Eye On You!”  Exodus 2: 1-10

  • Our life is shaped by many people, but nothing touches us like a Godly mother. Moses came to understand this as he grew into manhood, and God’s plan for his life unfolded.
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May 19 – “Sacred Spaces”  Exodus 33: 7-11

  • There is an importance of a place set apart, places made sacred by our encounters with God.  There is power of symbol in sound, art and music, the holiness of beauty as well as the beauty of holiness—and these sacred spaces become holy ground when God meets His people.

May 26 – “The Manna Diet”  Exodus 16: 1-5

  • When the people were willing to trust God and to share with each other, they discovered that, in the end, there was plenty to go around and more.  God will take care of our needs and then some.